Iris Mittenaere Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Iris Mittenaere, 23 years old, is Miss France who is the winner of Miss Universe 2017. She was born in the city of Lille and is registered as a fan of sports and travel. She is also a volunteer and a hobby of cooking new French dishes.

Iris Mittenaere (24) from Paris managed to win the Miss Universe 2017 crown on Monday, January 30, 2017. The three-hour event was attended by 85 contestants from all over the world. In addition to the theme of cultural diversity, Miss Universe 2017 also draws attention to how to struggle in life’s difficulties. Profile and Short Biography of Iris Mittenaere

Reported by Reuters, Iris Mittenaere expressed gratitude as well as surprise at a number of media crews. She never expected to be the winner of the most prestigious beauty contest that has been held 65 times in a row. Iris Mittenaere also stated that she would fulfill her promise to improve dental and oral health in accordance with the vision she delivered on the eve of the election if she won.

Biography of Iris Mittenaere Profile – Winner of the Miss Universe 2017 from France Girl who is completing the dental surgery specialist education has a high social life from the start. Iris Mittenaere admitted that from childhood she really wanted to help a lot of people, wanted to understand the problems and needs of people and meet these people. That is why, her victory at Miss Universe will be used as a medium to help others.

Iris Mittenaere claimed that this victory was a dream for her. She felt lucky because being Miss Universe was not only her dream, but also the dream of all women in the world. Steve Harvey returned as the host after the mistake of the winner she announced at this beauty contest in 2015. Profile and Short Biography of Iris Mittenaere

Following Iris Mittenaere’s victory, miss Haiti, Raquel Pelissier managed to occupy the position of runner-up one. While Andrea Tovar from Colombia occupied the second runner-up position. The thirteen participants who had been selected had the opportunity to wander using bikinis. Until nine contestants were selected to appear in the evening gown segment, then six major Miss Universe 2017 were chosen.

The sixth major Miss Universe included Maxene Medina from the Philippines, Chalita Suansane from Thailand, Mary Esther Were from Kenya, and three other contestants who won the runner-up.


Birth Date: January 25, 1993
Age (in 2016): 23 Years
Place of Birth: Lille, France
Zodiac Star: Aquarius
Nationality: French
Residence Address: Lille, France