Janet Jackson Religion, Ethnicity and Political Views

The religion of Janet Jackson is very complicated. She was raised by Jewish family and consider Jehovah’s Witnesses as her belief. But in 2013, she made a big decision that she married to Qatari rich man Wissam Al Mana. His husband is a Muslim and Janet Jackson converted from Judaism to Islam after her marriage. But recently, she and her husband separated and decide to divorce. The reason is that she can not followed her husband culture. And it seems that Janet Jackson has converted again her religion. So, what is the latest religion of Janet Jackson? Let’s find out together.

As for your information, she is one of the most successful singers on earth. Everybody must agree that she is very talented. Based on the trusted sources, she has sold more than 100 millions albums and singles worldwide. No wonder, if she became one of the most influenced singers in this era. Janet Jackson was born in Indiana on May 16, 1965. Her parents Joseph Walter Jackson and Katherine Esther Scruse were Jewish and having African – American ancestry. Janet embraced Judaism until 2013,and then she converted to Islam after she married to Muslim man. She also wore Muslim dress at some occasion.

Many people consider that their marriage will break sometime. And its true, recently Janet’s marriage broke because of the differences of culture. At an interview, Janet said that she tried to adapt her husband culture but it was so hard. And it seems she has decided to separated with her husband. How about her current religion? There is no much information about her latest religion, but it seems that Janet Jackson still considered Islam as her faith.

Janet Jackson Political Views

Janet is Democrat supporter, she supported Obama at Presidential Election in 2012.

Name: Janet Jackson

Religion: Judaism converted to Islam

Ethnicity: African – American

Political Views: Liberal Democrat

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