Jared Kushner Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

Everybody must agree that Jared Kushner is very Jewish person. He was raised Jewish and many of his families are Jewish too. As for your information, Jared Kushner was born in New Jersey on January 10, 1981. His popularity rose drastically after he married to Ivanka Trump in 2009. And now he is being a senior advisor of President Donald Trump.

Based on the trusted sources, he has Polish Jewish descent from his father side Charles Kushner. Jared paternal grandfather Joseph Kushner was from Poland. His mother Seryl Stadtmauer is known for having Polish, Ukrainian Jewish ancestry. The Ukrainian Jew descent came from his maternal grandfather Moishe Raphael ben Yehoshua who was from Ukraine. And his maternal grandmother Marilyn Felsen was born from Polish Jew ancestry. So, we can say that Jared Kushner is 100% Jewish. He and his wife also celebrated their married in Jewish ceremony. What do you think guys?

Name: Jared Kushner

Religion: Judaism

Ethnicity: Polish Jew, Ukrainian Jew

Nationality: American