Jennifer Aniston Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Jennifer Aniston was born in Los Angeles and grew up between Greece and New York City. She is a mix of Americans when they come: Greece, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, and a few more Greeks. Telly Savalas is her godfather, so we can assume that she has a kind of Greek Orthodox training in her childhood.


Does she have a religion? She said no, and that may have been true since the last account of the church’s entry into the church in 1993 for the funeral of godfather Telly Savala.

Political opinions

Too conservative to be involved in Bush-bashing, too liberal for people like Bill O’Reilly. Jennifer Aniston was accused of being too conservative of Brad Pitt2 during the 2004 election cycle when she supported John Kerry and was largely absent from Pitt. Some say it’s part of what separated them next year.

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