Jesse Williams Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Many guys are jealous with Jesse Williams appearance, it is because of his handsomeness. Everybody must agree that he is a handsome American actor with blue eyes. Jesse Williams was born as mixed race in Illinois, USA on August 6, 1981. His name became famous after he portrayed Dr. Jackson Avery on the popular television series Grey’s Anatomy. Many people curious about his ethnicity background, as you can see at his appearance, he has handsome face, blue eyes. No wonder many of guys are jealous with him.

Based on the trusted source, Jesse Williams ethnicity Swedish and African – American. His mother Johanna Chase is Swedish descent. And the African – American ethnicity comes from Jesse Williams’ father side Reginald Williams. Some sources also said that his father has a bit of Georgian descent. And many people claimed that Jesse Williams has Solomon island ancestry. What do you think guys?

Name: Jesse Williams

Ethnicity: White, Swedish, African – American

Nationality: American