Jessica Lucas Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Recently, there was a rumor told that Jessica Lucas has Pakistani and Haitian descent, does it true? As everybody knows, we can say that Jessica Lucas is a half white and half black woman. This Canadian actress seems having unique mixed race. As for your information Jessica Lucas was born in British Columbia, Canada on September 24, 1985. She began her career since she was kid and now she has stared so many movies such as The Covenant, Evil Dead, Pompeii and many more.

Everybody must agree that her skin is very exotic, no wonder many of her fans are curious about her family background. Based on our research, Jessica Lucas’ father is considered for having African Canadian descent. And her mother is known for having Caucasian ancestry. At an interview, Jessica Lucas said that her mom is white and her father is black but has been live in Canada for many generations. So, the rumor that said she is a part of Pakistani and Haitian was false.

Name: Jessica Lucas

Ethnicity: Black, African – Canadian, Caucasian

Nationality: Canadian

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