Jessica Szohr Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must know the television series “Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr. She is young and talented American actress. Many of her fans are curious about the ethnicity of Jessica Szohr. As you can see at her appearance, she looks European girl. Her nose, lips and hair shows us that she 70% European. As for your information, Jessica Szohr was born and raised in Wisconsin on March 31, 1985. She started her career in 2003 by appearing on television series “My Wife and Kids. And then, she has starred many television series
include CSI: Miami, What About Brian and Gossip Girl.

Jessica Szohr is considered for having European descent. Her mother Karen Roach is known for having Hungarian and Germany descent. Her grandfather Ronald Szohr was born in Hungarian with Germany ancestry. How about her father? Jessica Szohr father is considered for having African – American descent. Some people also said that Jessica’s father has European ancestry from Irish and English.

Name: Jessica Szohr

Ethnicity: White, Hungarian – Germany, African – American

Nationality: American

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