Jhene Aiko Ethnicity, Parents, Race and Nationality

Nowadays, there are so many news spread talking about DNA test of Jhene Aiko. As everybody knows, Jhene Aiko is famous as American R&B singer. Why they could say that she is an American singer? Yeah, it is because of she was born in America. Jhene Aiko was born in California on March 16, 1988. Then, many people has same question, so what is Jhene Aiko ethnicity? It is because of her Asian face. Beside famous as a singer, Jhene Aiko is also famous for being a girlfriend of Big Sean.

As for your information, Jhene Aiko father is Karamo Chilombo, he had African– American descent. There is other information said that Jhene Aiko’s father has Germany Jewish and Native American descent. How about her mom? Jhene Aiko’s mother is Christina Yamamoto who has Asian – Dominican descent. Nowadays, Jhene Aiko did DNA test to prove her ethnicity, and the result is 33% Black, 33% Asian and 33% White. So, what do you think about the result of her DNA test?

Name: Jhene Aiko

Ethnicity: Japanese – Dominican, Germany Jewish – African American

Nationality: American

Parents: Karamo Chilombo and Christina Yamamoto

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