Jimmy Garoppolo Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

For the National Football League fans, you must know Jimmy Garoppolo who has height 1.88 meters as one of the best quarterback players in the league. As for your information, Jimmy Garoppolo was born and raised in Illinois on November 2, 1991. He started his professional career in 2014 when he drafted by The New England Patriot. And then, he became the regular player for the team. But in 2017, he joined San Francisco 49ers. As long as his career, Jimmy Garoppolo has achieve several awards include 2x Super Bowl champion, Walter Payton Award, OVC Player of the Year and many more. Many people especially NFL fans are curious about Jimmy Garoppolo ethnicity background.

Jimmy Garoppolo is considered for having Italian descent. His father Anthony J. Garoppolo is the descent of Italian immigrant. How about his mother? Jimmy Garoppolo’s mom Denise F. Malec is known for having Germany and Polish ancestry. His maternal grandfather Theodore J. Malec was born and raised in Polish. What do you think guys? Do you have other information Jimmy Garoppolo’s family? Please share with us.

Name: Jimmy Garoppolo

Ethnicity: Italian, Polish – Germany

Nationality: American

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