Joe Manganiello Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Not many people know that Joe Manganiello used to be a bodyguard for Tyrese Gibson. Joe Manganiello was born in Pennsylvania on December 28, 1976. His name known widely after he portrayed Alcide on True Blood. Everybody must agree that he is very handsome and having nice body, no wonder if he was listed as One of Sexiest Men Alive by People Magazine.

For those of you who are curious about Joe Manganiello ethnicity background, let’s we discuss it. Based on our research, Joe Manganiello is having 50% Italian ancestry. His father Charles John Manganiello is known for having Italian (Naples) descent and Sicilian (Messina). His paternal grandparents were lived in Italy for many generations. How about his mom? Joe Manganiello mother Susan Brachanow is considered for having Germany, Croatian (Sibenik, Dalmatia) and Armenian descent. On his twitter, Joe said that he was Armenian ancestry from his maternal grandmother.

Name: Joe Manganiello

Ethnicity: Italian, Germany – Armenian – Croatian

Nationality: American

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