John Lennon Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

John Lennon was born and raised in Liverpool England while England was being bombed by Germany during World War II. Both religiously and politically, Lennon has been a storm of controversy since his youth in the working class environment to his violent death in 1980 in New York City.

Lennon was baptized, like most young English people, in the Anglican / Episcopalian church. However, when he was a teenager, Lennon was banned from the parish church which his family attended because he laughed loudly at a sermon.


Lennon was born and baptized in the Anglican church. However, he quickly became satirical and critical of religion and belief in general. High speculation that he is an atheist.

Political views

Lennon was a radical who had no problem criticizing the structure of political power in his time. Some of the things he said showed the tendency of anarchists.

Lennon, as a solo artist, released two important peace songs, “Give Peace, Chance” and “Happy Xmas (The war is over).” These songs became the anthem of the anti-Vietnam movement. However, not everyone likes them and when President Richard Nixon heard that Lennon sang these songs and, during the re-election year, followed them by telling the audience not to vote for Nixon, he ordered the Immigration and Naturalization Service to begin the deportation process against Lennon.

In the end, Lennon was a radical – a radical who looked through politics for who he was, the struggle for power and wealth at the expense of human life and freedom. We might call it an anarchist or a libertarian. One thing is certain, he makes many people see the world in a new way.

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