Joseph Stalin Religion and Political Views

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, or well known as Joseph Stalin was a Soviet political leader and revolutionary that was born in Georgia. He passed away in 1953 due to a cerebral hemorrhage. This article will talk about Joseph Stalin religion and political views. He grew up in a religious environment of Greek Orthodox Church. His name was derived from Saint Joseph and his father raised Stalin to be a priest like him. However, due to his father’s violent way of raising him up, he later decided in his adult days to be an atheist that suppressed religion instead. He was a Marxist revolutionary, but he possessed his own understanding of the texts that were used as the foundation of the belief system.

He could be considered breaking form the traditional belief in many ways. His interpretation was what he used to justify his terrible crimes against humanity by murdering millions people of Russia.

Some proofs about Joseph Stalin religion and political views are mentioned below:

  • A trusted source called Adherent mentioned that Stalin once stated how God does not exist and the concept of God is just a mere nonsense.
  • Stalin also once stated that one million death is just a statistic, supporting his Marxism belief.

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