Joshua Bee Alafia Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Not many people know who Joshua Bee Alafia is. But, everybody must know about his work Cubamor. As for your information, Joshua Bee Alafia is cinematographer and producer. He has make several big hits works including Cubamor, The Seed and Se Safando. His name became more popular after he married to Brazilian actress and model Yaya DaCosta in 2012.

For those of you who are curious about Joshua Bee Alafia ethnicity background, let’s we find out together. Based on our research, Joshua Bee Alafia is considered for having Cuban – American descent and a bit of European ancestry. What do you think guys? Do you have any other information about Joshua Bee Alafia ethnicity background? Please share with us by leaving comment below.

Name: Joshua Bee Alafia

Ethnicity: Cuban – American, European

Nationality: American