Karen Gallman Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Karen Gallman is the last to compete in the international pageant from Queen Binibining Pilipinas 2018. Following the victory of Catriona Gray held on December 17 last year, she won the dual crown in 2018 with the victory in the Philippines. The Philippines’ first mist intercontinental crown. Karen finally won the title of Miss Intercontinental in the country after winning the second and second runner-up in 2014 and 2015 and the second time in 2017 and has since franchise acquisition in Philippines and Binibining Pilipinas It became the first time.

Her Filipino and heritage of Australia. Miss Universe 2018 Like Katriona Gray, Karen was born as Filipino mother and Australian father. She counts the Philippines, especially Bohol and Brisbane as her two homes.

She can talk about visayas. Karen may have an Australian accent when speaking, but she can also speak with Filipino Visayas. It was her childhood that she spent in Bohol before she entered kindergarten.

Karen is traveling all over the world. Karen is among the fortunate few who can say that they are traveling all over the world. With her video for pageant, she said: “For me, the trip gives you the diversity of such lifestyle, exposure to diverse cultures and history,” she said. “And that only increases the knowledge of the world, I think that is very important as you get inspiration.”

Age: 26 years old
Job: Karen Gallman
Ethnicity: Australian / Filipina
Nationality: Philippine
Mother: Filipina.
Father: 1/2 Australian 1/2 Spanish.
Birthday: September 27th, 1992.