Keanu Reeves Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Not many people know that the Canadian actor Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Was been born there, it was not a must that he has Lebanese ancestry. Everybody must agree that Keanu Reeves is very talented actor. He began his career since long time ago, his first media appearance when he was nine years old by appearing in the theater. Then, many of producers who seen his talent. And as you can see now, he has starred many movies includes Constantine, Speed, John Wick, The Matrix and many more.

Many of his fans are curious about Keanu Reeves’ ethnicity background. Let’s we discuss it more detail. Keanu Reeves’ father Samuel Nowlin Reeves is considered for having Native Hawaiian descent. Some sources also stated that his father has other ancestries include Irish, Portuguese and Chinese. Keanu Reeves paternal grandparents are known for having Irish ancestry. How about his mom? Keanu Reeves’ mother Patricia Nee Taylor is known for having English descent. Patricia was born in raised in Essex, England.  At an interview, Keanu claimed that her grandmother is Chinese – Hawaiian descent.

Name: Keanu Reeves

Ethnicity: White, Native Hawaiian – Chinese, English

Nationality: Canadian, American

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