Keith Flint Nationality, Ethnicity, and Death

Keith Flint was born in Clint and the Flint of Yvonne on the Red Bridge in London, England, and was originally raised in East London. In the mid-1970s, my parents moved to Springfield, Essex. Keith attended Boswells School in Chelmsford, after graduating from school and traveling, he moved to Braintree. So he met Liam Howlett at the local rave club Barn in Braintree.

Keith came out of a broken house and did not want a proper career. He was banished by his father and remained as a dealer of a kiosk in the market in Israel. He later returned to the UK and joined forces with Sharky and friends along with several friends and Braintree lodgings. He stretched his hair long and usually wore a coat from Afghanistan. That’s why he got the nickname Sheepdog.

Keith eventually became a big fan of recognition for its founding around 1988 and was a regular on the M25 highway. He danced a lot of time in the Braintree barn. He had never before danced in his life, so he managed to improve his dance skills there.

By contrast, Keith’s friend Leeroy, whom he met at The Barn, was more interested in a quieter dance with a more funky style. The two were pretty opposite pairs and Sharky would often tag them with them.

Keith looked at the local DJ Liam Howlett in the barn and listened to him. He could take the DJ set along with the self-made material of the Li Bam.

Nationality: British
Ethnicity: English
Dead: 4 March 20