Kelly Clarkson Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Kelly Clarkson was born and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. Clarkson grew up with a strict Southern Baptist. She explained her religious care:

I come from a conservative family. My family is very conservative; I have to go to church on Sunday and Wednesday

And while recognizing the importance of religion during her childhood, Clarkson confirmed in 2004 that it became more important to him in adulthood:

I always grow up in the church. I am the leader of our youth group. I always grow close enough to the church and with God. But I thought I was just getting closer just because he was the only one I could lean on

It seems Christianity is a big problem for Clarkson, even though she insists that she is not a “fundamentalist.” 3
Politically, Clarkson is little in all places, showing an independent or moderate attitude in politics.

For example, she married a Republican who expressed her support for Mitt Romney in 2012, but in 2008 and 2012, she chose Obama, even declaring herself as “Obama’s girl.”

Clarkson grew up as a Southern Baptist, and still regards her Christian faith as an important part of her life.

Political view
Clarkson is a problem-based voter who has supported both Republicans and Democrats and seems to evaluate them based on specific matters that are important to her.

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