Kevin Gates Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The tough life has been experienced by American rapper Kevin Gates. As for your information, Kevin Gates was born as Kevin Jerome Gilyard in Louisiana on February 5, 1986. His name became popular after he released his debuted album Islah in 2016. The album was huge successful, it topped number two on US Billboard 200 chart.

Kevin Gates was raised by single mother, he never met his biological father. His life was very though, he had lived in prison for several times because of his crime. There are no much information about his ethnicity. But some sources stated that Kevin Gates is considered for having African – American descent. Some people also said that he has Puerto Rican ancestry from his biological father side. What do you think guys? Please share about Kevin Gates ethnicity background by leaving comment below.

Name: Kevin Gates

Ethnicity: African – American, Puerto Rican

Nationality: American