Kid Buu Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

According to some information, Kid Buu was born in New Jersey, America on April 11, 1994. Other sources are alleging that the rapper was born in Ontario, Canada and spent several years in Toronto. There is controversy over his actual age, and some sources have claimed that he was born in 1988. His real name is Marquez Lao Santiago. He adopted the name of the animated character “Kid Boo” as his lap moniker. Kid Buu grew up with a single mother. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Kid Buu is a Canadian rapper known for songs such as “Double Up”, “Death 2 Soundcloud”, “Dead Roses”, “Frozen Soul”, “On Me”. He was a big hit in 2017 and continued to release more hits and albums. But Kid Buu is more popular for his controversial life than his music. He was in the news when his former girlfriend released a ‘YouTube’ video and accused him of spoiling his age. She also condemned the rapper lying on her and operating her in various situations. She also revealed the marriage between Kid Buu and another woman.

Kid Buu started his music career as a rapper. He debuted with the album “K A N E D A” released on April 13, 2017. After that, he made a new album entitled “Blind For Love”. He collaborated with Oohdem Beatz for the album. The album was released on February 13, 2018. On September 17, 2018, Kid’s new single “Poppa” was released. It was produced by Oohdem Beatz. Following this, Kid Buu released a song called “Death 2 Soundcloud”. This is one of his most prominent singles. Ice Narco, a rapper based in Miami, was featured in Kid Buu ‘s single “Frozen Soul”.

Day of Birth: April 11, 1994
Nationality: Canadian, American
Job: Rapper
Zodiac: Aries
Age: 24 Years
Place of Birth: United States

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