Kirstin Maldonado Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

The American singer Kirstin Maldonado is young and talented singer. Her name gained widespread recognition after she became member of Capella group Pentatonix in 2011. During her career as the group, she has sold more than six millions album and got three Grammy Awards.

As for your information, Kirstin Maldonado was born in Texas on May 16, 1992. She is mixed of several races. Her father Michael Cisneros is known for having Mexican descent. And Kirstin mom Angelica Maldonado is having Italian – Spanish descent. Her mother entered Kirstin Maldonado to Holy Rosary Catholic School when she was elementary school. And it seems that her mom raised her as a good Catholic. No wonder if she still embraced Catholic as her faith.

Name: Kirstin Maldonado

Religion: Catholic

Ethnicity: Mexican, Italian – Spanish

Nationality: American

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