Kris Jenner Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Many people assume that Kris Jenner ethnicity is Scottish, but it is not true. Lets we discuss it more detail. As everybody knows, Kris Jenner is a popular television stars in Hollywood, she also a mother of superstar Kim Kardashian. She was born 62 years ago in San Diego, California. Her parents Kristen Marry Houghton and Robert Houghton had been lived in United States for a long time. So, it is a bit difficult to find Kris Jenner roots.

Based on our research, Kris Jenner grandfather True Otis Houghton had Scottish descent. But some people assume that Kris has Scottish face because of plastic surgery. How about her grandmother? Kris Jenner grandmother is Mary Lee Pickens and she had English descent. Kris Jenner also has descent of Dutch and Germany from here great – great grandmother Lou Ethel Wyatt.

Name: Kris Jenner

Ethnicity: White, Scottish – Germany – Dutch – English descent

Nationality: American

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