Kyla Ross Ethnicity, Parents and Nationality

Everybody must agree that Kyla Ross is one of the best Gymnasts on earth. She is young and very talented, she is currently 21 years old but she has achieves so many achievements in Gymnastic field including 1st Olympic London 2012, 3rd World Championships 2014, 1st NCAA Championships and many more. As for your information, she was born as Kyla Briana Ross in Hawaii on October 24, 1996. She was noticed by her mom that she has good muscle when she was born. And her parents believe that Kyla Ross will be successful in Gymnastic field. Then, she entered to Gymnastics Training Center in South Carolina when she was three years old.

Many of people are curious about Kyla Ross ethnicity background. She is mixed of several races, and considered for having African, Asian and European ancestry. Her father Jason Ross is known as half African – American and half Japanese. Kyla dad father Washington Ross was African – American ancestry and her dad mom Shigeko Arai was Japanese.

How about Kyla Ross mother? Her mom is considered for having Filipino and Puerto Rican descent. The Filipino ancestry came from her maternal great grandparents Venancio Barlaan Tano and Flora Mabida who were from Philippines. What do you think guys? Does Kyla Ross mixed ethnics are complex?

Name: Kyla Ross

Ethnicity: African – American – Japanese, Filipino – Puerto Rican

Nationality: American

Parents: Jason Ross and Kyla Ross