Kylie Bunbury Ethnicity, Parents and Nationality

The name of Kylie Bunbury noticed by public when she portrayed Lacey Porter on the television series Twisted. You may recognize her on other movies and series like Pitch, The Sitter and Under the Dome. As for your information, this biracial actress was born in Ontario, Canada on January 30, 1989.

By seeing her appearance, we can say that she is half white and half black. Her dark skin shows us that she has some of African countries ancestry. And that’s true, her black ethnic comes from her father side Alex Bunbury who has Guyanese descent. How about her mother? Kylie Bunbury mom Kristi Ann Novak is known for having European ancestry of Swedish and Polish descent. Some sources also stated that Kylie has some of English descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Kylie Bunbury

Ethnicity: Guyanese, Swedish – Polish

Nationality: Canadian

Parents: Alex Bunbury and Kristi Ann Novak