Leonardo DiCaprio Religion and Political Views

Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor that was born in California. This article will talk about Leonardo DiCaprio religion and political views. He has Italian and German background, which probably become the reason of why he was raised as a Roman Catholic. He is not religious nor atheist. He also appeared to dabble in Buddhism and Judaism. This showed how he is more spiritually flexible due to his nature as a non-religious Catholic. For the political views, DiCaprio can be considered a hardcore follower of Democrat. He donated more than 38,000 dollars to Democratic Party in 2008. He is also considered as a hardcore environmentalist. He does acknowledge other important issues, but focus more on the environment.

Some of the proofs regarding Leonardo DiCaprio religion and political views are listed below:

  • DiCaprio once mentioned in an interview how he was afraid of death and afterlife. In the same interview he said he wasn’t religious nor an atheist.
  • In an interview with Politico, DiCaprio mentioned how infuriated he was, seeing people are so focused on social issues, such as gay marriage, while global warming is clearly happening in the world and how it will give detrimental effects to the economy of the world.

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