Liam Neeson Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

The veteran American actor Liam Neeson talked openly about his religious views. He was raised as a Roman Catholic and Protestant. As for your information, Liam Neeson was born in Northern Ireland on June 7, 1952. Until now, he has stared 80 big hits movies and series including The Bounty, Taken, Batman Begins, A Monster call and many more. Liam Neeson started his career in 1976, and one of the reasons he entered to the acting industry was Ian Paisley, he was Northern Irish Protestant minister. At his young ages, he used to sneak to go to the church and watched the Protestant minister read the Bible, and he amazed with it.

Liam Neeson has of 100% Irish descent. Both of his parents Katherine Brown and Bernard Neeson were from Ireland. His grandparents James Neeson and Matilda Gibson also were born and raised in Northern Ireland. They had lived in the country for many generations.

Back to his religious views, recently there are many rumors said that Liam Neeson converted to Islam. But it was not clear if that issue has been verified. And finally, he verified the rumors by saying that it was false. He just amazed with the Islamic call to worship Adhan. He said that he amazed with the voice of Adhan when he filmed Taken 2 in Istanbul, Turki. He stayed in Turki for three weeks. And it seems that Liam Neeson still embraced Catholic and Protestant as his faith. At an interview, he said that Protestant and Catholic are the parts of His DNA.

Name: Liam Neeson

Religion: Catholic, Protestant

Ethnicity: Irish

Nationality: Irish, American

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