Lil Pump Ethnicity, Race and Religion

The new comer rapper Lil Pump get the popularity after he released single Gucci Gang in 2017. The song is huge popular until now, and it peaked at number three on the chart of Billboard 100. As for your information, Lil Pump real name is Gazzy Garcia and he was born in Florida on August 17, 2000. Everybody must agree that he is very talented rapper, he is still young also. Public noticed him after he released two independent songs D’Rose and Boss, the songs were very popular on the website of Souncloud. Then, it brings him into major label.

By seeing his appearances, we can say easily that he is a part of Latino. Lil Pump has strong blood or heritage of Latino ancestry. Both of his parents are Latinos, his father is considered for having Cuban descent. And his mother is known for having Mexican descent. What about Lil Pump religious views? There is no much information related to his religion, it seems that he is an agnostic, but if you have any information about it, please share with us by leaving comment below.

Name: Lil Pump

Ethnicity: Cuban, Mexican

Nationality: American

Religion: Agnostic