Lil Tay Ethnicity, Race, and Nationality

Lil Tay Trevali was born on May 29, 2007, and she grew up in Canada. Her mother’s name is Angie. She has a brother, Jason Tian. Lil Tay moved from Canada to the United States at a tender age. Her mother and her boss Harry announced the exact date of birth to the media. Your constellation is Gemini. She belongs to Caucasian ethnic groups and Canadian nationalities.

Trevali began wrapping at the age of seven. The concept for her alternative life was completely her own. Trevali was a pure student before he went to school. She has a strong interest in swimming, piano, skating, and painting.

She talked to her mother about the appearance of her media in an interview with George Stefano Prouros for a good morning in America. In addition, she was actively involved in the widely advertised Internet beef versus Danielle Bregoli and Victoria Waldrip.

Net worth

Lil Tay Trevlai has not only gained name and fame, but has also earned millions of hearts. As of 2018, Trevali’s net assets will be $ 500,000. She enjoys one of the expensive brands, Louis Vuitton. She owns several handbags and scarves. An eleven-year-old rapper attracted more than 2.5 million Instagram followers before sweeping the feed with the rise of 2018.

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