Lisa Wu Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

As everybody knows, Lisa Wu is a black woman, but many people do not know about her background family. As for your information, Lisa Wu American television personality who was born on January 23, 1973. Her name became popular when she appeared in the famous television series ” The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Then, she often appeared in several TV reality shows include Hollywood Divas, The White Sistas and many more.

Many people curious about her background family, let’s we discuss it. As you can see at Lisa Wu’s appearance, she is black and known for having Asian ancestry. Her black descent was come from her mother who has Caribbean descent. Lisa Wu’s mother is West Indies, an island in Caribbean Sea and most people in there are having African ancestry. How about her father? Lisa Wu’s father is Asian descent. At an interview, Lisa Wu said that her father can not speak English and he often dressed up in Mao suit. Lisa Wu also ever said that she is a half Asian and black. What do you think guys?

Name: Lisa Wu

Ethnicity: Black, Asian – West Indies

Nationality: American

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