Lou Diamond Phillips Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

At an interview, the veteran actor Lou Diamond Phillips said that he is proud to be Filipino. As for your information, Lou Diamond Phillips is American actor who famous in 80s until late 90s. He has stared so many movies include La Bamba, The Big Hit, Young Guns, The King and I and many others. Lou was born in Philippines as Lou Diamond Upchurch on February 17, 1962.

Based on the trusted sources, Lou Diamond Phillips is 50% Filipino. Her mother Lucita Umayam Aranas is known for having Filipino descent. As everybody knows, most of Filipinos descent has Spanish ancestry. His maternal grandparents Policarpo Fumera Aranas and Eugenia Cocoyog were born in Philippines and had been lived for many generation in the country. How about his father? Phillips biological father Gerald Amon Upchurch was considered for having Scottish and Irish descent. Some people rumored that Lou Diamond Phillips has Mexican descent. What do you think guys?


Name: Lou Diamond Phillips

Ethnicity: Filipino – Spanish, Scottish – Irish

Nationality: American