Mariah Carey Ethnicity, Race, Parents and Nationality

Everybody knows Mariah Carey as one of the best singers on earth. Since her debut in 1988, she is being one of the best selling artists in music industry. Talking about Mariah Carey, we will focus on her ethnicity. At an occasion, she talked about that she was proud for having Irish descent from her mother but, she said that her father was African – American descent. As everybody knows, being a mixed race person used to difficult in America, at the past time Black people used to be a discrimination object. It was also experienced by Mariah Carey when she was child, she got injustice treatment from her friend in the past time.

Mariah Carey was born March 27, 1970, her father is Alfred Roy Carey who has Afro – American and African – Venezuelan descent. Even, Mariah Carey still has family in Venezuela today. Many people assume that the singer has Latina descent, but it is not true. Her mother Patricia Carey is of Irish American ancestry. At an interview, Mariah Carey stated that the roots is not important, she said that she was complete nonentity and that’s way to be a success person like she is now.

Name: Mariah Carey

Ethnicity: Black, African American – Irish

Nationality: American

Parents: Alfred Roy and Patricia Carey