Marilee Fiebig Holmes Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Not many people know about who Marilee Fiebig is. She is ordinary woman who work as an attorney. She began her carer in 2005 as an immigration dissociate attorney after she graduated from University of Michigan. In 2010, Marilee Fiebig life changed drastically, she married with famous American Journalist T.J Holmes. And now, she has the right to bear the name of Holmes on the her last name.

Then, people started curious about Marilee Fiebig Holmes news and gossip. They also curious about Marilee Fiebig ethnic background. Based on trusted source Marilee Fiebig Holmes was born in Democratic Republic of Congo, a country located in Central Africa. Marilee Fiebig is considered for having many families in the country. Most people in Congo are Sub Saharan Africa descent. And as everybody knows, most of Sub Saharan Africa descent are having black skin. As you can see at Marilee Fiebig appearance, she looks very exotic with her black skin.

Name: Marilee Fiebig Holmes

Ethnicity: Black, African, Republic of Congo

Nationality: American