Mark Wahlberg Religion and Political Views

Not everybody knows that the famous actor and director Mark Wahlberg had rough time when he was young. He even had to spent his time in Jail after he assault two person.  But, that case had been being his turning point to be a better person. And as everybody knows, he becomes a famous actor who has acted in so many movies. Being a famous Hollywood actor does not make him being arrogant and selfish person.

The rough childhood became his bad experience and he promised that he does not do the same thin again. The relationship between him and God also nice,. even, he becomes devout Christian Catholic who often going to the church.

On an interview, Mark Wahlberg said that religion especially Catholic is the most important aspect on his life. No wonder if he can spent his time about 15 minutes to go to the church everyday to pray, and he bring his whole family to the Church every week. In an interview, he opened about what kind of pray that he has did, then he said that he prays to be good servant to God and his family.

How about his political views? He is democrat and has been donated money for Democrat campaign regularly. In addition, he also work for several charities

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