Mark Zuckerberg Religion and Political Views

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. Everyone has familiar with its name. He was raised in the White Plains, New York. He is a successful young businessman because he has connection over 500 million people in this world. If we are talking about the Mark Zuckerberg religion and political views, he is an Atheist. Well, he was grown up in Jewish family but he decided to be an atheist than follow his family religion. Even if he is an atheist, he always shows his respect and tolerance to the other religions.

For the political view of Mark Zuckerberg, he is never claimed to many political parties, hasn’t made anything for the political statement, never donated to the candidates unless it is related to Facebook directly. Thus, he will not interest to the political issues if there is no related to Facebook itself. You should know that Facebook has its own political action committee. They will help him to do the political things like:

  • To lobby the politicians regarding the issues of technology industry, patents, privacy, and media in general
  • Endorse the candidate to against the internet censorship bills
  • And much more