Maya Rudolph Ethnicity, Race, Parents and Nationality

The Jewish American actress Maya Rudolph became famous after she became a member of popular series “Saturday Night Live”. Then now, she has appear on so many movies and television series, mostly as supporting roles. We can see her prominent role in the movies Grown Ups, Big Hero 6 and Bridesmaids.

As a Jewish, of course she proud her roots so much. As for your information Maya Rudolph was born from Jewish family in Florida on July 27, 1972. Her father Richard Rudolp is known for having Jewish descent of Russian, Germany and Hungarian. Some sources stated that Maya’s has a Lithuanian descent, her grandfather Sidney J. Rudolph was born in Vilnius city, Lithuania.

How about her mom? Maya Rudolph’s mother Minnie Riperton was known as a famous soul singer. And she was considered for having African – American descent. Based on trusted source, Maya Rudolph did a DNA test and the result was not surprisingly. Based on her DNA test, she is 50% Ashkenazi Jew, 26% West African and the rest belong to British and Scandinavian. Some people also claimed that she has a bit of Persian descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Maya Khabira Rudolph

Ethnicity: Lithuanian Jewish, African – American

Nationality: American

Parents: Richard Rudolp and Minnie Riperton

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