Mila Kunis Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must be agree that Mila Kunis is a very beautiful girl. Some people said that she looks like Native American. But the truth is that she is Ukrainian, she was born Chernivtsi, Ukraine on August 14, 1983. Her family moved to United States in 1991 and she began her career in 1996. Then, we know her now as one of the best actresses in Hollywood. It proofed by so many awards she got. Her popularity was getting up after she married with a handsome actor Ashton Kutcher. Then, people also curious about Mila Kunis ethnicity, Does she 100% Ukrainian? Let’s we discuss it more detail.

As everybody knows, Mila Kunis is very beautiful like many other Ukrainian girls. She was raised in Jewish family, her father Mark Kunis is Ukrainian and having a bit of Russian descent. Then, her mother Elvira also Ukrainian and had been live there for a long time. Based on Mila Kunis appearance, many people claimed that she is belonging to Caucasian race. At one interview, Mila Kunis said that she is almost 100% Ashkenazi Jew. How do you think guys?

Name: Mila Kunis

Ethnicity: White, Ukrainian

Nationality: American