Mira Ricardel Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Mira Ricardel (born July 5, 1960) is a Republican Leader, American Politician, Security Advisor, and Consultant. In addition, he served as President Trump’s administrative officer. Mira has been appointed as Deputy National Security Advisor for US President Trump in May 2018.

She is the 21st White House, official. Now, Mira receives $ 179, 700 US Dollars in 2018. Her full name is Mira Radielovic Ricardel. Mira Ricardel Security Advisor

She was placed in the Office of the Presidential Department as a Special Assistant. However, Ricardel was removed from the position of security advisor. She was at loggerheads with the first American woman, Melania Trump. Furthermore, he also clashed with the first female staff.

Melania took a big step to fight it. Ricardel is a big loss for Trump during the midterm election. On the other hand, Jeff Sessions was also fired by her. At the same time, the government sought a replacement for Kirstjen Nielsen and Kelly.

This politician was born on July 5, 1960, in the United States. Therefore, the age of Mira Ricardel is 58 years in 2018. In fact, her father came from Herzegovina and Breza, Bosnia. Brigitta is her mother. Mira’s family survived during the Bleiburg massacre. They left Yugoslavia in 1954.

They moved to Pasadena (California, USA). He is a Croatian Descent. On the other hand, the original language is Croatian. She admired the Croatian Catholic Church in Arcadia, California. Mira has a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) from Georgetown University.

In addition, she has been linked to a lecture on the International Foreign Service Delta Phi Epsilon. However, she was unable to complete his doctoral program from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.

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