Miranda Cosgrove Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

Many people consider that Miranda Cosgrove has some of Asian descent. Does it true that she is a part of Asian? Let’s find out here. As for your information, Miranda Cosgrove was born in California on May 14, 1993. She began her career as a child actress and appeared in Scool of Rock portrayed as Summer Hathaway. Her popularity rose drastically after she portrayed Charly Shay on popular television series ICarly. You may also see her great acting on Crowded, Drake & Josh Go Hollywood, Mystery Girl and many others.

As you can see at her appearances, she is very beautiful girl. It seems that she successes to transform from a child actress into adult actress. Based on the trusted sources, she does not have any Asian ancestry. She is considered for having Irish descent. Both of her parent Tom Cosgrove and Chris Casey are of Irish ancestry. She also has some of Mexican descent from her maternal grandfather side who was from Mexico.

At her twitter, she also revealed that she is a part of English and French descent. How about Miranda Cosgrove religious views? There is no much information related to her religion, but she raised Christian and it seems that she is still embracing Christian until now. What do you think guys?

Name: Miranda Cosgrove

Ethnicity: Irish, Mexican, English, French

Religion: Christian

Nationality: American