Mohamed Salah Wife, Salary, and Net Worth

Egyptian professional footballer Muhammad Salah, who is known to celebrate the goal by running Suhard, was born on June 15, 1992, for the average Egyptian parents. He showed passion for soccer since he was a young boy. But he was not a glorious scholar who was the cause of concern for his middle-class parents who were interested in finding the right balance between football and his scholar. Scholars and eventually football has become his full concern during his childhood. Through his formation period, the brisk football star kept himself completely into a soccer game, without being influenced by his parents wish that he was engaged in a more conventional career.

Muhammad is known to watch football on TV when he was not playing in the stadium. Originally, football was just a fun game until he joined Cairo’s El Mokawloon local youth club. Although the location of his new club was very far from his house to the extent that he needed to get on the five buses before reaching the destination, Mohammed was rather discouraged, but rather to his game Passion kept focusing him.

Net worth and salary

Soccer star’s net asset is estimated at 28 million dollars, and he earns 3 million dollars as an annual income. Over the past few years, the Egyptian football champion who is playing as the predecessor of Egypt national team and Liverpool has experienced more than 32% hiking on his net worth. His income is expected to increase at a very strong pace, which will surely affect his future net worth.

According to sources, the expected growth rate for Muhammad’s net asset is 85%, which is extremely remarkable. Veteran football players recently bought a brand new luxury BMW car worth $ 250,000. And the total number of all his luxury wheels brought an estimated worth of $ 2 million to seven. He also has two luxury homes worth $ 12 million. I will ask you about improving the football star’s net worth in the near future.


Muhammad’s love life is simple, in 2013 the football champion married his girlfriend magi also a devout Muslim, and they married according to Muslim laws and customs. From all the signs, marriage agrees with a couple who lived in marital bliss for nearly five years and were counting.

The marriage of a couple is blessed with a woman’s child Makka born in 2014. Makkah was born in Westminster Hospital in the southwest of London and was named after Islamic sacred site Mecca. Muhammad is very loving his pretty girl and can be seen with her often. Mohammed Salah considers his wife Maggi as a loving and caring wife on his side. Their marriage keeps getting stronger day by day, and divorce is far from their union.

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