Natalie Portman Ethnicity, Race, and Nationality

Natalie Hirschlag was born on June 9, 1981, in Jerusalem. She is 37 years old and Natalie Portman, known by the name of her actress, is an Israeli American actress. Portman’s name is the surname of his mother. She was nominated for an Oscar and received the Golden Globe Award. Natalie is best known for Vendetta movies from Star Wars and V.

Quick Facts

Name: Natalie Portman
Age: 37 years old
Birthday: June 09, 1981
Zodiac: Gemini
Born on: Jerusalem, Israel
Height: 1.60m
Salary: Unknown
Net Worth: $45 Million
Ethnicity/Race: Jewish
Nationality: American and Israeli

Family and Awards

Portman is the only child of the partners Avner Hershlag and Shelley Stevens. When she was three, Portman and her family moved to the United States. Portman received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Harvard University on June 5, 2003. She is fluent in Hebrew, English, French, Japanese, Arabic, and German. Her hair was shorn bald in 2005 and played the role of the film Vendetta V.

In 2010, Portman received the best movie of all time. In the exciting movie “Swan Lake” about Nina, who was confused in her present life, she got the best movie ever. She had to fight where the facts were and where the fiction was.

Nina is also doubly ill and often has hallucinations about horrible things. Nina finally came to one thing, she would do something to get the best role, including killing. Portman won many awards for her acting in the film.

In 2011, Portman won nearly all of the Best Actress Awards, including the Film Actors Association Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, the Critics Choice Awards, the BAFTA Awards, and the Academy Awards for Black Swan Movies.

Salary and Net Worth

She has a fortune of $ 45 million, but her salary has not yet been announced.

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