Nicole Richie Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

As everybody knows, the American socialite and television personality Nicole Richie grabbed public attention in Reality Show “Simple Life”. Not many people know that Nicole Richie was from simple family.  When she was three years old, the singer Lionel Richie adopted her from Mexican – American family. Then, the life of Nicole Richie changes drastically, she became a part of rich family and as you can see now, she is being American socialite. Many people curious about her past background, then they discussed Nicole Richie ethnicity in many forums in internet.

As for your special information, Nicole Richie biological father Michael Escovedo is Mexican and having a bit of Spanish and Creole ancestry. No wonder, many people claimed that Nicole Richie has Latina face. How about her mom? Nicole Richie’s mother Karen moss is known for having African – American ancestry. Many people also said that Nicole Richie has a bit of Indian descent. How do you think guys? Do you have any other information about Nicole Richie ethnicity background? Please share your info by leaving comment below.

Name: Nicole Camille Richie

Ethnicity: Black, Mexican – Spanish, African – American

Nationality: American

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