Noel Miller Ethnicity, Race, and Nationality

Noel Miller is the YouTuber of America and is known for uploading comedy videos to his channel Noel Miller. Now he has more than 7.14 million subscribers. In addition, his channel collected a total of 27,547,391 views from his video. In addition to YouTube, he supports many fans of the popular social media platform. On Instagram alone, he currently has more than 330,000 followers.

Quick Information

Birthday: August 19, 1989
Age: 29 Years old
Born in: United States
Zodiac: Leo
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Job: YouTuber
Height: 5 feet and 9 inches
Net worth: $500,000-$600,000

Net Worth

Sponsorship: He has more than 330,000 followers in his Instagram account. Therefore, advertisers pay a certain amount for the posts they create. In view of the last 15 posts, the followers’ average commitment rate for each contribution is 23.91%. Therefore, the average estimate of the amount he sponsors is between $ 993 and $ 1,655.

YouTube: YouTube is a platform where people can work by connecting with their viewers and earning the money they see when they watch their videos. The same goes for Noel Miller. Most revenue and revenue comes from YouTube. The number of subscribers and viewers has increased significantly over the years. Currently, he has over 7.14 million subscribers in his channel, averaging 122,856 views per day. According to, he estimates an estimated $ 11.1K- $ 176.9K per day from his YouTube channel to calculate the subscriber’s daily ad and daily growth. In evaluating all of his above-described income streams over the years and calculating Noel Miller, the estimated net worth is $ 500,000 to $ 600,000.


Noel Miller is a YouTube star with a very charismatic character. He likes to have fun and has a good sense of humor. The person who can see all his fun and attraction is the girl named Aleena. They have been together for a long time. They also adopted dogs that they loved as their children.



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