Olivia Colman Ethnicity, Family and Nationality

Olivia Colman is a famous English actress. She received the Oscar (2018). Olivia is the daughter of Mary and Keith Colman. She is married to actor Ed Sinclair and has three children. Through her mother, Olivia’s six-times bigger grandfather was a merchant and politician, John Bristow, MP.

Olivia’s paternal grandparents are Percy Colman and Caroline. Olivia’s maternal grandfather was Alexander Graham Reekie (Alexander Basett Leakey and the son of Gray This Elizabeth / Eliza Thomas). Olivia’s grandfather Alexander was born in Wildsden, England’s middle-class family. Olivia’s grandfather Alexander is the son of Peter Nettleton Leakey and Mary Emily Luisa Basset, born in Kumar, West Bengal, India, whose mother is the British father William Edward Slaughl. Olivia’s grandmother Gwladys was born in Maesteg, Glamorganshire, Wales, to William Hopkin Thomas and Eliza Arundel born.

Olivia’s grandfather was also an ancestor born and lived on the tropical island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic. Her ancestor, Captain Anthony Beer / Beer, was Governor of St. Helena from 1672 to 1673.

Olivia’s maternal grandmother was Patricia Wiggins (daughter of John Wiggins and Bridget O’Callaghan). Patricia was born in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England. Bridget was born in Derryorgan, Ballyclogh, Cork State, Ireland.

Complete Name: Saran Caroline Colman
Birth Place: Acle, Norfolk, England, U.K.
Birth Date: 30 January, 1974
Ethnicity: English, Irish, and Welsh
Nationality: English

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