Olivia Culpo Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Before being an actress and model, Olivia Culpo known by public when she became the winner of Miss Rodhe Island, Miss USA and Miss Universe in 2012. Everybody must agree that she is very beautiful, no wonder if she won the Pageants competition. Having a beautiful face, makes people are curious about Olivia Culpo ethnicity.

Based on our research, Olivia Culpo ethnicity is Italian. The Italian ancestry comes from her father side Peter Culpo. Olivia’s father families was come from Vicenza Province, Italy and has been live in there for many generations. How about her mom? Olivia Culpo’s mother Susan Curran is considered for having Irish descent. Her maternal great great grandparents Frank Curran and Katherine Campbell were born in Irish.

Name: Olivia Frances Culpo

Ethnicity: White, Italian, Irish

Nationality: American