Olivia Munn Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must be agree that if we look the beautiful model Olivia Munn, we must think that she is a half Asian. We can see clearly that she is mixed Asian from her eyes and skin tone. It is a fact that she has Asian descent, her mother Kimberly Schmid was born and raised in China. And for your information, Olivia Munn herself was raised in Japan. No wonder, if many Asian aspects attached on Olivia Munn includes body features and accent.

How about Olivia Munn’s father? Her father is Winston Barret Munn, he is an American but he has descents of English, Irish and Germany. Many people believe that Olivia Munn is Native American. But she is not Native American; she is American-Asian descent. How do you think about Olivia Munn race?

Name: Olivia Munn

Ethnicity: White, American – Asian

Nationality: American

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