Patrick Chung Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Patrick Chung is a strong receiver for the American football’s strong safety and New England Patriots in the National Football League. Patrick was born on August 19, 1987 with a complete name, Patrick Christopher Chung in Kingston, Jamaica. His parents are Ronald Chung and Sophia George Chung.

Looking at Chung with all his exotic tattoos, wool, and visible tone’s skin will be tempted to think that a successful NFL player is 100% black (African-American). On the other hand, since the name “Chong” is generally of Asian origin, most people will lose balance. Therefore curiosity as to whether Patrick’s surname is a nickname or indeed his real surname.

To relieve your dilemma, Patrick ‘s mother (Sophia George) was an Afro Jamaican who was very famous before her son became a star and a football sensation. She is a reggae artist who made a big hit in the 1980s and has recorded numerous international hits. The song “Girlie Girlie” happens to be one of her greatest and remarkable works until today.

Sophia said in an interview that he was born two years after her son Patrick Chung stopped acting and he had never seen acting on the stage. She said that Patrick regarded her as mainly his mother and was not a big reggae artist like most older kids. Nevertheless, now her older children have the idea of how big the mother got in the day, even having some of their music on their music equipment To do.

Meanwhile, Patrick’s father (Ronald Chung) is a Chinese, semi-Jamaican. He was born in Jamaica and grew while speaking Patwa. Like his son’s wife, he was a reggae music producer in the 1980’s and will not bother himself.

Patrick also has a younger brother named Brian Carey Chung. He is a choreographer, a dancer, and a poet. I think that the talent is being held at Tadaya. After leaving the music scene, Sofia is currently working with a medical management company who is doing survey of doctor’s career, but her husband Ronald works as a courier company for real estate documents.

So whenever you talk about Patrick Chung’s ethnicity, you can call him as an ancestor of Asia and Africa.

Nationality: American

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