Patrick Mahomes Salary, Contract, and Age

Patrick Mahomes has managed to be one of the best soccer players of the season. After playing one match for the Kansas City Chief last season, he became a very influential player so his performances were always looked forward to by fans. And with Chiefs already in a position to have a bye at the first weekend of the playoffs, we already know we will see more performances from Mahomes in the coming weeks. Here is some interesting information that you should know about Mahomes Particularly the issue of salary, contract, and age.

Contracts and Salary

Patrick Mahomes was contracted for 4 years at a cost of $ 16,425,786 by the Kansas City Chief, including a signing bonus of $ 10,086,026, guaranteed $ 16,425,786, and an average annual salary of $ 4,106,447. In 2018, Mahomes will certainly get a base salary of $ 555,000 and a bonus list of $ 656,635, carrying a hit cap of $ 3,733,141 and a dead cap value of $ 13,439,330.

Mahomes became the last member of the 2017 quarterback class tied to the contract, signing a guaranteed $ 16.4 million four-year rookie contract in July 2017. According to Spotrac, Mahomes managed to get a base salary of $ 555,000 in 2018 with a signing bonus of $ 2,521,506 and a bonus list of $ 656,635. Earnings together add up to $ 3,733,141 hit caps for the 2018 season. Mahomes will certainly not be a free agent without limits until 2022.


As seen from his appearance, the native Tyler, Texas is one of the youngest beginners in the NFL. Actually, he was the second youngest among the quarterback who started 23 years old. (QB Jets Sam Darnold gets awards by breaking the record for being the youngest when he was only 21 years old.)