Paula Abdul Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must agree that the entertainment industry in the early 90s era belongs to Paula Abdul. She is a great and very talented singer and dancer. Most of her albums always topped Billboard chart. No wonder if she won Grammy Awards for several times. As for your information, Paula Abdul was born in California on June 19, 1962. Many people guessed that the “Abdul” name comes from his parents who has Arabian descent. So, does Paula Abdul has Arabian descent?

Based on trusted sources, Paula Abdul ethnicity is 100% Jewish. Her father Harry Abdul is known for having Jewish descent from Syria. Her paternal grandparents was Syrian jew who immigrated to Brazil and then to United States. How about her mother? Paula Abdul’s mom Lorraine Rykiss who was born in Canada is considered for having Jewish descent too especially from Ukraine Jewish. Some people also said that Paula Abdul has a bit of Spanish descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Paula Julie Abdul

Ethnicity: Syrian Jewish, Ukrainian Jewish

Nationality: American