Paula Patton Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The biracial actress Paula Patton makes people are curious about her ethnicity. As for your information, this light skinned actress was born in California on December 5, 1975. Paula Patton childhood was very though, at an interview she said that she got biracial offensive word from her friends. Everybody must agree that she is very talented actress, her career began when she appeared in the comedy movie Hitch in 2005. And then, she starred many big hits movies like Deja Vu, Mission Impossible, Warcraft and many other.

Based on her appearance, we can say that she has African – American ancestry. And that’s true, her African – American ancestry comes from her father side Charles Patton. How about her mother? Paula Patton’s mom Joyce Vanraden is considered for having Caucasian ancestry from Germany.
Some sources also stated that Paula Patton has a bit of Dutch descent from her maternal grandfather Carl Edward Holeman Van Raden.

Name: Paula Maxine Patton

Ethnicity: Black, African – American, Germany – Dutch

Nationality: American

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