Rachel Roy Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

One of the most popular Hollywood fashion designers is Rachel Roy. As for your information, Rachel Roy was born in California on January 15, 1974. As you can see at her appearances, she is a part of Indian ancestry. Her brown skin and facial features show us that she is 80% Indian. Many of Rachel Roy’s clients are famous Hollywood celebrities including Tyra Banks, Lucy Liu, Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson and many more.

As above statement, she is having Indian ancestry. The Indian seems come from her father side who was born in Madras and has Bengali Indian descent.
How about her mother? Rachel Roy’s mom┬áRuth Roy is considered for having Dutch ancestry. Her maternal grandparents Arie Iemkes Pals and Hellena Jort Kooyman were from Terschelling, Netherlands.

Name: Rachel Roy

Ethnicity: Indian, Dutch

Nationality: American