Rafael Nadal Ethnicity, Race, and Nationality

Rafael Nadal is one of the world’s best tennis players of all time. Nadal played tennis with his left hand, even though he was right-handed. When Nadal was a child, his coach, Toni Nadal, taught Nadal to play tennis using his left hand. Nadal’s father, Sebastián Nadal, is a restaurant owner and glass-making factory. While his uncle, Miguel Angel Nadal, is a retired soccer player, he used to play for Mallorca, FC Barcelona and the Spanish national football team.

Outside of his career as a tennis player, Nadal was quite active in charity activities. He founded Fundación Rafa Nadal in November 2007, which concentrated on social activities and the development of children and adolescents. Nadal has starred in the video clip of Shakira’s singer, Gypsy. The name Nadal is also used in naming an asteroid, namely Asteroid 128036 Rafael Nadal.

Nadal is rumored to be ending his bachelor period with the lover he has been dating since 2005, Maria Francisca Perello in 2012. The lucky girl is not a tennis player or a celebrity. He was said to be studying business management and English Literature in London, England.

Nadal’s professional career began in 2002, where he won his first ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) match when he was 15 years old. The following year, the brown-haired tennis player became the second youngest player in the world’s top 100 singles players. On his debut in the Wimbledon tournament, Nadal made it to the third round which made him the youngest son at that time.

Nadal’s career continued to climb after that. Nadal has won ten world titles at the men’s singles Grand Slam. Nadal’s toughest rival is Federer. But lately, Nadal has also been defeated several times by Novak Djokovic.

Full Name: Rafael Nadal Parera
Alias: Rafael Nadal
Profession: Athlete
Religion: Not Religion
Nationality/Place of Birth: Manacor, Mallorca, Spain
Birthday: Tuesday, June 3, 1986
Zodiac: Gemini

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